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Naperville Engine Diagnostic Services

Naperville Auto Engine Diagnostic Services

The primary reason to conduct regular auto engine diagnostics is to detect problems early. This helps ensure that you can get them fixed before they aggravate and affect the working of your vehicle. Fixing these problems can become expensive if they aren’t detected on time and repaired efficiently. It isn’t uncommon for people to believe that they need to get these diagnostic tests done only when the check engine light comes on. The fact is that it’s far better to be proactive with your car maintenance, engine tune-ups, and spark plug replacements.

What We Do

If your engine light has come on, we recommend that you bring your vehicle to Nelson’s Auto Repair for a thorough inspection. We use a specialized diagnostic tool and scan the system for different trouble codes. We will also provide you a detailed written description of codes when they are found. This goes a long way in ensuring the reliability, longevity, and optimal performance of your engine.

When Is An Engine Diagnostic Service Performed?

There are several reasons due to which the Engine Check Light could get triggered. Sometimes simple things like a loose gas cap or an overdue oil change could be the cause, but it is necessary to find out what the reason is.

An engine diagnostic service is typically performed when your Check Engine Light comes on or when you face drivability issues such as stalling, hesitation or rough idle. We use the latest diagnostic tools in our work, so we get a complete picture before performing the best repairs and maintenance possible.  Also offering serpentine belt replacement and engine flushes.

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