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Naperville Serpentine Belt Replacement

Naperville Serpentine Belt Replacement & Check Engine Light Service | Nelson’s

The serpentine belt is an essential component of the engine. It is a flat, long, and ribbed belt that drives most engine components, including the compressor, alternator, air conditioner, air pump, etc. It transfers power from the engine’s crankshaft pulley to other parts. At Nelson’s Auto Repair, we can replace a damaged belt to ensure your vehicle works well. 

Naperville Serpentine Belt Replacement & Check Engine Light Service

Most serpentine belts are designed to last for 90,000 miles and rarely need to be replaced before that. If they become damaged before that time, it is essential to look at the other components attached to it before attempting to replace the belt. We will examine the crankshaft harmonic balancer, alignment pulleys, binding pulleys, belt tensioner, and other such components for errors first. Our team will also look at the serpentine belt routing and check for related noise to make sure all the components are working well before replacement.

When Do You Need A Serpentine Belt Replacement?

Most cars require a replacement after 90,000 miles. This is scheduled maintenance and will help keep your car in good shape. You will also need to take the car to a mechanic if you have belt slippage, squealing noise, belt damage, engine overheating, and battery light. 

How Do We Replace The Belt?

The technician will first run the engine to make sure the belt is running without the noise, and the replacement belt won’t be damaged due to a faulty engine. They will then carefully release the belt tensioner with a wrench or lever. The serpentine belt will come off the pulleys once the tension is released. Our technician will check all connected components like an alternator, compressor, air conditioner, etc. to ensure they work well before placing the replacement belt on the pulleys. 

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