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Naperville Transfer Case Services

Naperville Auto Transfer Case Service | Nelson’s Auto Services

Transfer case fluid is a vital component of All-Wheel drive vehicles. The case might contain the central differential, gearing, power transfer unit, and different controls of the four-wheel drive system. It is full of special gear oil that protects all the moving parts from friction and heat. At Nelson’s Auto Repair, we change the oil to help maintain your vehicle’s performance.

Naperville Auto Transfer Case Service

Our team will drain the old transfer case fluid entirely from the case. They will then replace it with new oil that lives up to the manufacturer’s requirements. We always use good quality fluids that are recommended by vehicle manufacturers to ensure no component of the transfer case is damaged.

How Does the Auto Transfer Case Work?

The transfer case contains components that transfer power from the engine to the front axles of the vehicle. This case is only found in four-wheel drive vehicles, which means new owners often forget to replace the fluid in it when needed.

The fluid lubricates all the moving parts while drawing heat away from the gears. That helps reduce wear and tear and improves the lifespan of the gears. Constant exposure to heat and debris compromises the integrity of the fluid over time. You need to change it regularly to ensure all the auto transfer case components remain in good shape.

How Often Should You Change The Fluid?

Every car manufacturer and model has different requirements when it comes to fluid exchange. We recommend following their instructions for the best results. Your driving conditions and the age of the vehicle also plays a vital role so it is a good idea to consult with our experts.

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