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Brake Inspection Naperville

Brake problems should never be ignored or neglected. Something that starts out very small can escalate rapidly and become very difficult and expensive to fix. The other important aspect of ensuring that your brakes are always in a good condition is to ensure the safety of everyone in your vehicle.  Nelson’s Services inc has been providing brake services and brake inspections to Naperville residents for years.

Signs you need a brake inspection:

#1 – It’s been over a year or 12,000 miles since the last time your brakes were inspected
#2 – You’re near or past the number of miles your vehicle’s manufacturer recommends between brake fluid exchanges
#3 – The brake warning light on your dashboard comes on and stays on
#4 – You hear grinding or squealing when you apply the brakes
#5 – Your vehicle pulls to one side when you apply the brakes
#6 – Your vehicle requires longer distances to stop than it used to
#7 – The brake pedal responds slowly and feels “spongy”
#8 – The brake pedal goes to the floor and/or requires excess pressure

What’s Involved In A Brake Inspection?

We at Nelson Auto Repair always recommend that clients come in regularly for brake inspections. We have the ability, skills as well as the latest technology to detect all types of brake problems small or big. Once the thorough inspection has been carried out, our technicians will make suggestions for brake repair based on your car manufacturer’s recommendations and the amount of wear. These detailed inspections will include:

  • Brake Pad Inspections– During this inspection, we will measure whether the brake pads positioned on either side of the rotor/discs are applying the required amount of pressure in order to bring your vehicle to a stop. If we find there is a problem, our technicians will recommend a complete replacement.
  • Disc inspections– The rotors/discs have a vital role to play in decelerating your vehicle and bringing it to a halt. When in good condition the discs will be very shiny and show minimal signs of wear. If we notice any warping or damage in the discs, they would need to be either resurfaced or replaced without delay.
  • Brake Line Inspections– Brake lines can stiffen or become cracked or corroded. While carrying out these inspections, our technicians will check whether the rubber is soft and pliable. This will help the fluid move very easily through them without any risk of leaking. In addition to these checks, they will also check the metal brake lines for signs of cracking of corrosion. In case of severe damage, they may recommend complete replacement of the brake lining.

Brake Inspection Near Me in Naperville

If you want to know more about our brake inspection services, don’t hesitate to get in touch with Nelson Auto Repair at 630 355 4456 or contact us.


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