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Do you hear screeching, squealing, whining or metallic grinding sounds every time you start to brake? If you feel any kind of pulsation, vibration or grinding when you press down firmly on the brake pedal, you might need brake repair services. We at Nelson Auto Repair provide top quality, reliable brake repair solutions and brake services for all types of vehicles.

How to tell when you need brake repair

#1 – It’s been over a year or 12,000 miles since the last time your brakes were inspected
#2 – You’re near or past the number of miles your vehicle’s manufacturer recommends between brake fluid exchanges
#3 – The brake warning light on your dashboard comes on and stays on
#4 – You hear grinding or squealing when you apply the brakes
#5 – Your vehicle pulls to one side when you apply the brakes
#6 – Your vehicle requires longer distances to stop than it used to
#7 – The brake pedal responds slowly and feels “spongy”
#8 – The brake pedal goes to the floor and/or requires excess pressure

Why Is Brake Repair Important?

We always recommend to our clients that they should get brake inspections done at regular intervals. Your brakes are some of the most important components of your vehicle. Excessive wear or damage to them can compromise the safety of your vehicle and everyone traveling in it.

Aside from this, when there is any kind of damage to the wheel brakes, it can also impact the smooth operation of other parts such as the rotors, discs etc. One of the best ways to make sure that you do not have to deal with all of these problems is to get timely brake repair done by experts like us.

Types Of Brake Repair Solutions

During the inspection, our team of seasoned technicians will check every aspect of the braking system to determine what is causing the problem. They can handle all types of brake repair services such as:

  • Replacing and installing brake hardware, brake hoses, calipers, master brake cylinders, drums, and
  • Resurfacing of rotors and drums if required.
  • Adjusting and cleaning of parking brakes and drum brakes.
  • Removal of air from all the brake line.
  • Brake fluid flush.
  • ABS (Anti-lock Braking System) diagnostics and repair.

As you can see, there are a number of different aspects that need to be kept in view while conducting any type of brake repairs. Our vast experience and the use of latest technology help ensure that you get the best services at the most cost-efficient pricing.

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