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Naperville Radiator Antifreeze Services

Naperville Radiator Services

When you are using your vehicle, all of the different components of your engine create a certain amount of friction and this results in heat generation. An engine functions efficiently when it is warmed up and the various cooling parts of the engine help maintain the temperature. These parts include the water pump, cooling fans, radiator, overflow tank reservoir, pressure cap, coolant the thermostat as well as various other parts that are ideal for your cooling system.

How the System Works

The water pump moves the coolant into the engine block; this helps absorb the heat from the engine and stabilizes it. The heat from the engine is transferred to the thermostat, which helps maintain the temperature of the engine coolant. From here the coolant moves into the radiator where it releases the engine heat.

The radiator is kept cool with the airflow from the cooling fans.  The coolant then goes back into the engine block and the cooling cycle is repeated. In short, the radiator and the cooling system work in tandem to help maintain a safe temperature in the engine.

Naperville Antifreeze Services

Since the radiator has an important role to play in the overall functioning of the system, it is essential to make sure that the coolant antifreeze is replaced at regular intervals.

We are very methodical in the manner in which we handle this job. When you come to us for radiator services, we will first assess the condition of the radiator after which we will carry out a machine-powered radiator flush. The lubricant, sealant and flush chemicals will be added after which we will carry out tests and a pressure check for leaks.

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