Radiator Cap Replacement Services Naperville

Repair Your Car’s Radiator Cap in Naperville

Naperville Radiator Cap Replacement Services

Radiator Cap Replacement Services Naperville

The radiator cap may seem like a very simple component of the overall cooling system. However, it has a very important role to play in maintaining the cooling efficiency of the vehicle. A radiator cap isnt expensive and it’s very easy to find as well.

Replacement takes only a few seconds, but if you defer getting a faulty one replaced, that can cause problems such as overheating, which can potentially lead to engine damage. This is especially true during the hot summer months.

Why The Pressure Matters

The radiator cap has a spring-loaded plunger which serves specific purposes in the cooling system. The first is that if the internal pressure goes above the plunger spring pressure the coolant will overflow into the reservoir. If this particular feature did not exist, the pressure would continue to build and result in a leak or even an explosion.

The second purpose is that the pressure of the spring helps maintain the pressure within the cooling system. When there is a rise in the atmospheric pressure, the boiling point of the fluid also rises. This fluid does not transfer the heat effectively and this causes the rise in pressure within the system.

Faulty Radiator Cap Repairs

If you have noticed that the coolant is overheating or that it isn’t moving effectively between the cooling system and the overflow reservoir, this is an indication that the spring loaded plunger might be jammed or stuck. When the cap is unable to maintain pressure, it will indicate that the coolant is boiling even at normal temperature. If you notice any of the signs, come to us without delay and we will provide quick and reliable radiator cap replacement services.

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