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Naperville Differential Services

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Most car owners don’t understand how important it is to change the differential fluid. If you change the old fluid regularly, you will avoid serious damage and expensive repairs. The differential fluid keeps the car’s drivetrain system running efficiently and ensures each wheel gets the right amount of power.

Naperville Auto Differential Service

Our experienced technicians have changed the differential fluid in several vehicles over the years and are familiar with the process. We will drain the old fluid completely to clean out the system before replacing it with a good quality differential fluid. We always use fluids that have proven their worth in the industry and are recommended by car manufacturers.

How Does a Differential Work?

The differential delivers power to the axles that turn a car’s wheels and determines how much power should go into every wheel. It works with the vehicle’s transmission system and is an important part of the drivetrain.

The differential fluid keeps this system cool and draws heat caused by friction away from the gears. This protects the gears and extends their lifespan by reducing wear and tear. The operating temperatures can cause the fluid to break down and render it ineffective. If you don’t replace the fluid at this stage, the excess heat will cause extensive damage to the gears.

How Often Should You Get a Differential Fluid Exchange?

Most vehicle manufacturers will provide instructions on the matter. It is always a good idea to follow their recommendation. If you don’t know how often you need to change the fluid, ask our expert technicians. They will look at your system and recommend the best time to change the fluid.

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