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Naperville Engine Flush Services

Naperville Engine Flush Services | Engine Flushing Services Near Me

An engine flush is a process of removing all debris, sludge, and deposit from your engine to make it work efficiently once again. Technicians use an aftermarket chemical solution that moves through your engine and removes the debris from within. At Nelson’s Auto Repair, we perform a thorough engine flush and restore the car’s performance. 

Naperville Engine Flush Services

The engine flush service is fairly straightforward. Our technician pours the chemical into the car’s oil-filter port and allows the engine to run for around 10-15 minutes. The solution mixes with the oil and cycles through all of the components of the engine, collecting dirt, debris, and grime along the way. Once the engine is clean, the technicians drain the oil and chemical, change the oil filter, and add fresh oil to the system. The car is ready for long drives after this service is complete. 

How Does Debris Get In The Engine?

Dust, sludge, and debris can enter the engine from several sources. If you carry out regular maintenance and engine flushes, it is possible to keep the engine clean and ensure it performs well at all times. The most common causes of sludge include:

  • Diluted fuel 
  • Air-borne dirt getting into the engine
  • High heat causing the oil to break down
  • Regular short trips 

Sludge can clog different components of the engine, making it difficult for the oil to move around freely and lubricate engine components. That can compromise engine performance and even cause long-term damage. 

Part of A Good Maintenance Regimen 

An engine flush is part of a good maintenance regimen, especially if you have an old vehicle or have bought a used one. If the former owner didn’t maintain the car well or used poor quality fuel, you will need an engine flush.

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