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Safe Driving Practices For Summer


Summer is the perfect season for long drives. You don’t need to deal with storms, rain, poor road conditions, etc. The weather is pleasant, and you can roll the windows down to enjoy some breeze. At Nelson’s Services, Inc, we encourage people to give their car a little extra TLC during this time. Drivers must follow safe driving practices, especially during hot summer days. 

Safe Driving Practices for Summer

Before heading out for a drive, check all vital fuel levels carefully. Examine the motor oil, transmission fluid, antifreeze, and windshield wiper fluid. Top off or change them if necessary as that’ll help you avoid unexpected breakdowns during the drive. Motor oil, in particular, can play havoc on an engine if it isn’t of good quality. This lubricant keeps a car’s engine system cool and reduces friction, which is essential during hot summer months. 

Experts also recommend keeping a can of distilled water in your vehicle. It can be used to cool down an overheated car quickly. Don’t open the radiator cap after this as it creates a high-pressure environment for increasing the boiling point. An opening will result in rapid depressurization and cause the boiling water to spill out.

Keep an Emergency Kit 

Make sure you have an emergency kit including items like first aid supplies, flashlight with functional batteries, jumper cables, gloves, duct tape, bottled water for drinking, some snacks like granola bars, roadside flares, essential car tools, etc. These can come in handy if you’re stranded.

Check the Tires

Check tire pressure, wear, and balance carefully as these aspects can impact gas mileage while also causing uneven wear. Make sure the pressure levels match those provided by your car manufacturer and not the tire manufacturer.  

If you want to know more about summer driving, don’t hesitate to get in touch with Nelson’s Services, Inc, at 630 355 4456 or contact us

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We are still open!

We realize you’re probably getting bombarded with these types of messages from different sources. But we believe there is no such thing as being too safe and, therefore, wanted to let our valued customers know that we are taking the necessary precautions to help keep them and our staff as safe as possible during this time of heightened awareness. We will be open to serve our customers auto repair needs.